Meet Penny Hoey

Penny Hoey is a professional photographer who has become recognized for her work with wildlife as well as landscapes of the South Carolina coastal areas.  More recently her portfolio has enlarged to include photographs of more remote areas surrounding The Acadia National Park and the southern Maine artist colony island of Monehagn, designated a National Natural Landmark in 1966.

She has also worked with groups, individual portraits, specific event projects, and makes a hobby of spontaneous street photography. 
She works with Nikon digital equipment with an increasing emphasis on film photography using Mamiya medium format cameras.  This traditional photographic material allows greater resolution and contrast particularly useful for sea coast images.  She processes and edits her own work which is then delivered to color management and printing professionals to provide the finished product.

Penny, the mother of three grown children makes her home in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.


"The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate." - Keats

"Your aspirations are your possibilities" - Samuel Adams

Meet Penny Hoey

I stumbled into photography by way of a search for serenity, rejuvenation and restoration. I'll never forget 'our' first outing into nature together. I fell in love with the viewfinder and the sound of the shutter...

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